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Celia Mevious
Celia full shot
Title Masked Knight / Luminous Knight
Japanese Name セリア・メビウス
Romaji Seria Mebiusu
Hair Color White
Occupation Sorceress
Affiliation No Affiliation
Status Deceased (Ending A, C, D)
Alive (Ending B)
Appearances Deception IV: Blood Ties
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (cameo)
Voice Actor Miku Yoshikawa

Celia (セリア Seria?) is a female enemy in Deception IV: Blood Ties. A descendant of the Saints and has a piece of the Holy Verses.


Celia's Saintly ancestor once belonged on the side of the Devil before betraying him. Due to this, before he was sealed away, he stole half of the Saint's soul, using it to create his "daughter", Laegrinna.

Celia was born in a humble section of society to parents of a magical knight origin, a practice that she too learned at a young age.

When Freise used her powers to locate the other descendants and found Celia, she somehow knew that she was different. To prevent Celia from joining forces with the other half of her soul, Freise brainwashed her and had her become her servant.


If Laegrinna chooses to believe Celia, Caelea will tend to her wounds. Once the battle with Freise ends, Celia asks if they are going to resurrect the Devil. Instead, the Daemons convince the two halves to use alchemy to absorb the Devil's power. Celia and Laegrinna form a government that provides stability, and they receive support from the majority of citizens. With their new power, they create a new world, one not by corrupted humans or the Lord of Darkness.

Don't BelieveEdit

If Laegrinna chooses to dismiss Celia, the former puts an end to the latter's life. With her final breath, Celia laments about not being able to rejoin their souls.


First EncounterEdit

Though a descendant of the Saints, Celia was born to parents that kept their distance from the world at large. Her family had been magical knights for generations, and Celia began her training for this vocation at an early age. The journey she is currently taking is all part of this training, and she will not hesitate to step in and help anyone who is in trouble.
Blood Ties description
Chapter 6: An Unfortunate Encounter
Map: Lapria Park
Wave 3
Intruder number 4 and final

Nightmare PrincessEdit

One of the descendants of the Twelve Saints who sealed the Devil away, and a sorceress who serves as captain of the Velvet Squad. She comes from a long line of magical knights and uses special abilities unlike those of ordinary magic users. She opposes Freise but does not dislike her. There are rumors that she is searching for her long-lost sister, but she rarely speaks of it herself.
Nightmare Princess description
Q060: Nightmare 2
Map: Balmagyr
Wave 1
Intruder number 2 and final


Stat Level
Health 290
Defense 15
Vigilance 2
Attack 1 15
Attack 2 50
Attack 3 70
Attack 4 0
Special abilities
Weakness: Floor, Ceiling


Intro: "I shall restore peace to this land!"
Death: "My journey... ends here..."

Second EncounterEdit

Chapter 11b: An Inevitable Reunion
Map: Ruins of Scardzyini
Wave 3
Intruder number 4 and final
Deception iv CeliaJUDGEMENT

Celia's judgement

Nightmare PrincessEdit

Q075: The Velvet Squad 2
Map: Balmagyr
Wave 1
Intruder number 2 and final


Stat Level
Health 330
Defense 20
Vigilance 2
Attack 1 35
Attack 2 60
Attack 3 80
Attack 4 50
Special abilities

Weakness: Wall, Ceiling, Electric


Celia's judgement by Laegrinna: "I-I'm fine... And now I know what we need to do. Her judgement must be administered. After that, nothing but ruin awaits..."
Intro: "This is where you meet your final reckoning!"
Death: ""

Nightmare PrincessEdit

Intro: "If you are truly the Devil's Daughter,, I shall refrain. For my friends who gave their lives"
Death: "There is something I must do. I cannot perish... Not now."
Q075: The Velvet Squad 2
Intro: "Devil's Daughter...there is something I must do. And for that, you must perish."
Death: "Is there...nothing I can do? Can I not save my friends... my other self?"


Deception IV: Blood Ties



  • "Listen, everyone..."
  • "I shall uncover the truth, and resolve this matter!"
  • "Ha! Idiots! Now I know how close you are!"
  • "I can detect presences, and can work out the locations of things! Do not underestimate me!"
  • "What?! I am nothing like you! I am no outlaw!"
  • "There you are! I found you!"
  • "I have been liberated..."
  • "Freise kept me prisoner, manipulated me... In the end, she sent me to fight you."
  • "I... I am you."
  • "Yes... He rebelled against the Devil's rule, and betrayed him for humanity. My ancestor was a Saint who came from the darkness..."
  • "But when the Devil was sealed away, his last act of revenge against the world was to take half of my ancestor's soul with him... And from that, you were born..."
  • "Freise hated the thought of us joining forces, so she sought me out and kept me prisoner. Brainwashed me..."
  • "I-I'm not just begging for my life here... You and I, we have to become one again... That is what our soul demands."
  • "Please... Please join your soul to mine..."
  • "Th-Thank you... You believed in your soul... In our soul..."
  • "What are you going to do now?"


Celia is derived from the Latin Caelia, a feminine form of the old Roman family name Caelius, which is believed to be a derivative of the Latin caelum ("heaven").
Celia is also used as a short form of Cecilia, meaning "blind, dim-sighted".


  • According to Ephemera, Celia is "of mixed race--devil blood runs in her veins".[1]
  • In Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round, Phase 4 has a downloadable costume for Celia's outfit.
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  1. Quest Mode: Q066 - The Velvet Squad 1
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