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Deception IV: Blood Ties
Deception iv logo
Japanese name影牢 ~ダークサイド プリンセス~
Romaji nameKagero ~Dākusaido Purinsesu~
DeveloperTecmo Koei
PublisherTecmo Koei
Release DatesPlayStation 3 version
February 27, 2014 (JP)
March 25, 2014 (NA)
March 28, 2014 (EU)

PlayStation Vita version

February 27, 2014 (JP)
March 25, 2014 (NA)
March 28, 2014 (EU)
GenreAction game
Game ModesSingle player
RatingsCERO: Ages 17 and up
ESRB: Mature
PEGI: 16
PlatformsPlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

Deception IV: Blood Ties, known in Japan as Kagero: Darkside Princess (影牢 ~ダークサイド プリンセス~), is a Deception game for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 by Tecmo Koei, and sequel to Kagero II: Dark Illusion within the Kagero series.[1][2][3]

The game is a revisit of Tecmo's 1996 PlayStation game Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness. As a game focused on strategy, the player aims to defeat enemies by luring them into a wide variety of traps.

Keisuke Kikuchi is the producer, and the main character designs are by Hirotaka Maeda.

Deception IV: Blood Ties comes out in Japan on February 27, North America on March 25, and Europe on March 28. Gameplay involves a bunch of traps built into it, like swinging razor blades and a pumpkin head you can drop on enemies.

Tecmo Koei’s Deception IV: Blood Ties limited edition includes a code that adds three extra traps – a guillotine, UFO, and Queen High Heels (a humiliation trap). You also get an art book and Deception series sound selection CD. The limited edition costs 9,800 yen ($96) for PS3 or 8,800 yen ($86) for Vita.

A regular copy of Deception IV costs 6,800 yen ($66) on PlayStation 3 or 5,800 yen ($57) on Vita. First print copies include a Golden Horse humiliation type trap.[4]


In ages past, there was a being known only as "the Devil" who ruled the world through fear.

Eventually, the human race united and rose against him, and there soon emerged twelve Saints blessed with heavenly power who sealed away the Devil at last.
The incantation of binding used by the Saints was contained in a sacred text known as the Holy Verses. Fearing the incantation's misuse by malevolent forces in generations to come, the Saints erased the fact of their Sainthood from the annals of history, divided the Holy Verses into 12 fragments among themselves, and passed them down to their descendents secretly through the ages.
Since that time, 3000 years have passed...
And the Devil, never ceasing in his search for the descendants who hold the Holy Verses, has finally ascertained their whereabouts.
To aid in the collection of these texts, he spawned 3 servants who embody the essence of Elaborate Death, Sadistic Torture, and Humiliating Demise, and sent them into the human realm together with a "daughter" split off from his own soul.
Now all that remains is to undo the seal that binds him and visit his wrath upon the fallen human race...


Museum ModeEdit

Uploading to YouTubeEdit

Before viewing a replay, you can choose to upload it to YouTube. If this option is chosen, the video will be encoded as you are watching, and uploaded once the playback is complete. During the playback you can move the camera freely and press buttons to play laughing, screaming, or cheering audio clips, which will all be reflected in the uploaded video.

  • Only PlayStation®3 version.

Cross-Quest ModeEdit

Cross-Quest Mode is where you can take on missions downloaded from other players, or create your own to upload online. This is the place to pit your trap skills against other players around the world.

  • Here is the Cross-Quests menu. The first two options relate to downloaded quests, while the last three are for quests you can create and post online.
  • Let's try creating our own quest. First, choose a stage and room where the challenge will take place, and up to 3 enemy characters to battle against. The setup is the same as in Free Battle Mode.
  • Next, you must set between 2-4 conditions for clearing the quest. The number values and other information within each condition can be changed.
  • Now the room, enemies, and conditions have been set for your quest! Choose "Start Test" to give it a test run.
  • The test has begun. Before you can post your new quest online, you must first be able to clear it yourself.
  • You've cleared the quest, and can now post it online! No matter how difficult a Cross-Quest you've downloaded is, the fact that the creator has cleared it once proves that it can be done.

Free Battle ModeEdit

Free battle div
In Free Battle Mode, you can choose your own stages and enemies to battle with. You can choose enemy and stage combinations not possible in Story Mode, multiple enemies of the same character, or whatever else you desire. This is the best mode to test out new trap combos.

Here you can select the stage, room, and up to 3 enemies.
These are unlocked in Story Mode, so the further in the story you've progressed, the more options will be available.

Story ModeEdit

Daemon RequestsEdit

Daemon Requests are mini challenges that your Daemons will issue in Story Mode. They are completely optional, and there is no penalty for not fulfilling them. If you do fulfill them, however, your Daemons will reward you with extra Exp. points for their trap style.

  • As the battle commences, Caelea respectfully issues her request.
  • You've been requested to electrocute an enemy. Better check whether you brought an electric trap with you into battle.
  • You can check your current Daemon Requests in the pause menu. The Requests from each Daemon reflect their individual personalities and trap preferences.
  • You've electrocuted an enemy and fulfilled Caelea's request. Your Daemon compliments you on a job well done and adds to your Elaborate points, bringing you one step closer to unlocking a new Elaborate trap!

Mission ModeEdit

Fulfill the objectives of each mission in order to clear it. These missions present a variety of challenges that require more advanced trap-setting strategy than Story mode.

  • Here's the list of missions. Some are easy, some have multiple enemies, some have extremely short time limits, and so on, offering a wide range of ways to test your trap-laying strategy.
  • Your objective and time limit will show on screen when the mission starts. Clearing the objective in time will require some cunning and familiarity with the properties of your traps.
  • Mission complete! You can use the Warl and EXP just as in Story mode.


The game was announced at the SCEJ Press Conference in September 2013 prior to the Tokyo Game Show, and is due for a 2014 release in Japan, North America and Europe.[3]

Famitsu previewed the upcoming game, giving new information, such as gameplay and characters. There is also a new trap in the game revealed to be “Wizard gear“.

Going along with a "play more wickedly" hook, players are in charge of designing their own style of play. Traps can be set three at a time, and catching armored characters in consecutive traps will cause their armor to break.[5]

Along with the release dates for North America and Europe announced, Tecmo Koei revealed that YouTube uploading is available within the game. Only the PlayStation 3 version of the game will have YouTube uploading, with the PlayStation Vita version having additional touchscreen options.[6]


Producer Keisuke Kikuchi
Director Masaki Shibuya
Engineering Leads Yuta Yamazaki
Koujiro Seino
Game Design Lead Toshiaki Kubota
CG Director Kazuhiro Shoji
Sound Director Takashi Yoshida
Concept Art Lead Tsutomu Terada
Character Art Lead Nozomu Sugiyama
Environment Art Lead Ryosei Muraki
Animation Lead Katsuhiro Yamauchi
Technical Art Lead Kenta Kawano
Visual Effects Design Lead Jiro Yoshida
User Interface Design Lead Hiromi Baba
CG Manager Yasuo Egawa
Assistant Project Manager Yutaka Koga
Engineering Takeshi Sawatari
Masaki Fujita
Takashi Watanabe
Kazuki Iwana
Kenichi Saito
Haruhisa Ito
Game Design Hayato Shibuya
Takayuki Nishikawa
Kyohei Ota
Masaki Toyoda
Character Design Hirohisa Kaneko
Akihisa Kuramochi
Asami Yamamoto
Eriko Harada
Background Design Masayoshi Wada
Michiko Hashimoto
Concept Art Kaoru Kikukawa
Storyboard Tsuyoshi Nihei
Character Art Maki Kimura
Yoshiki Horiuchi
Tetsuya Ietsune
Yasuaki Suzuki
Kaori Watabe
Natsuko Kawakami
Hideaki Takahashi
Tomoko Hara
Kazuhiro Nishimura
Environment Art Miyuki Momose
Hiriyuki Kato
Animation Ryoji Abe
Technical Art Naoya Okamoto
Masaru Ueda
Motion Actor Kosuke Wakamatsu
Motion Capture Editor Katsuyuki Shimizu
Yoshinori Kobayashi
Takaaki Kurosawa
Visual Effects Design Kazuki Osada
Yuko Takahashi
Audio Design Makoto Hosoi
Shigekiyo Okuda
Music Yuki Matsumura
Ayako Toyoda
Guitar Yosuke Kinoshita
Localization Peter Garza
Brianna Forster
Supervisor Makoto Shibata
Main Character Design Hirotaka Maeda
Scenario Writer Masahiro Yuki
Motion Actor Tomohiro Nara
Motoko Nishibayashi
Image Song 「Princess of Fate」
Song: Daisy × Daisy
Lyrics: Daisy × Daisy
Music: YOW-ROW
Software Manual Masahiko Kochi
Keisuke Okabayashi
Public Relations & Marketing Dept. Hiroshi Murai
Hideyasu Matsuo
Art Work Jyumpei Yamamoto
Logo Design Natsuki Hirano
Kyte Sawatari
Web Design Emi Yamamoto
Global Business Development Dept. Hidekiyo Kobayashi
Takahiro Yamamoto
Minglu Li
Yumiko Katagiri
Mina Saito
Carol Suzuki
Global Marketing Dept. Hiroshi Suzuki
Yasushi Tani
Hidetoshi Nakatsukasa
Tomohiro Tanimura
Riho Tsurumaki
Coordinator Toru Akutsu
In Cooperation With Planet G Co., Ltd.


Himawari Theatre Group Inc.

Yuki Fuyuno

Red Entertainment Corporation


DIGITAL WORKS Entertainment Inc.

Digital TIS CO., Ltd.

LandQ studios co., Ltd.


Rubicon Solutions, Inc.

Font Design by Fontworks, Inc.

Pole To Win Co., LTD.
Pole To Win Europe Limited


Special Thanks Toshio Chigira
Natsumi Kaneko

Weekly Famitsu

Satomi Iwase / Dengeki PlayStation

Yoshinori Ueda
Kazuhiro Shimazu
Tatsuro Orikasa
Yuri Ito
Azusa Maki


Laegrinna Yuka Saitō
Caelea Umeka Shōji
Veruza Hiroko Ushida
Lilia Ichiki Chihiro
Dow Daisuke Matsubara
Zeno Shunzo Miyasaka
Gallagh Sohta Arai
Vale Ryosuke Kanemoto
Lyla Kim Hyang Ri
Celia Miku Yoshikawa
Evelyn Madoka Yamanaka
Alma Ayaka Maeda
Telma Haruka Terui
Ernest Hiromu Miyazaki
Victor Masakazu Koshima
Freise Yuka Komatsu
Additional Voices Yusuke Handa
Yohei Azakami
Ryohei Arai
Hirokazu Miyahara
Akari Harashima
Shino Shimoji
Yuki Kaneko
Machiko Kawana


During the first week of release in Japan, the PS3 version sold 23,254 physical retail copies, whilst the PS Vita version sold 19,322 physical retail copies.[7]


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  • This is the fifth game in the series, despite being credited as the fourth, and it is the third Kagero title.
  • Previously, Trapt was titled Deception IV, but producer Keisuke Kikuchi renamed it because he considered it the first part of a new series.[8]

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