Stub "Offer your soul..."
Japanese Name エフェメラ[1][2]
Romaji Efemera
Title Your Guide to Reviving the Devil
Age Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light blue
Occupation Automation
Affiliation Devil
Status Alive (The Last Sacrifice)
Destroyed (Beyond the Nightmare/To the Edge of Deception/A World Without Treachery/Return to Tragedy/Allura 3/To the Dark Side)
Appearances Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (cameo)
Voice Actor Jun Shikano[2]
An automaton created by the Devil. She is starting to break down and is hardly able to move herself, but she teaches Velguirie what she needs to know to revive the Devil.
—Description on The Nightmare Princess website

Ephemera (エフェメラ Efemera?) is the name of several automaton that serve different princesses, primarily Velguirie, the latter having lost her strength due to a long slumber, teaching her how to regain the pain to gather up and offer human souls to the Fiend and how to advance the story in Darkside Heaven, among other things. Much time has passed since her original creation by the Fiend, resulting in a body in such disrepair that she can barely move it anymore.

Acting on orders given to her by her now-sealed creator, she works towards his revival one day. As such, she guides Velguirie towards this goal throughout the story by way of the Quest Tree up until when Velguirie reigns over the world.[3]


Ephemera is a straightforward person, speaking slightly in monotone. Her feelings only revolve around her purpose; reviving the Devil. However, since the Ephemeras are ageing, they have the ability to develop feelings other than cruelty. The Ephemera that summon Millennia, Laegrinna, Reina and Allura develop feelings for the princesses and decide to send each of them back after their respective fights, knowing full well that they will endure eternal punishment for doing so. However, with Velguirie's Ephemera, she keeps her cruel and just attitude as Velguirie slaughters all who come across her way.


Ephemera has a robotic look, referencing her automaton origins. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are a light blue. Her outfit is covered in numerous shapes and clock dials. Her head seems to be the only thing on her body to look human, and everything else artificial.


Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess




  • Ephemera's title is "Your Guide to Reviving the Devil" (魔神復活への導き手 Majin Fukkatsu e no Michibikite?).
  • In Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round, Marie Rose has a downloadable costume for Ephemera's outfit.



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