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King's Palace (王宮, "Royal Palace") is the second map from Kagero: Deception II. It is the palace of King Eclypse. When five Timenoids were killed by the Red Blood, the king goes into hiding and orders Yocal to leave Millennia in charge of protecting the palace. The palace contains nine rooms and nine corridors. Millennia can't set up traps on corridors. Deadmoon tries to either take over or destroy the palace.

Traps and itemsEdit

  • Oil Barrel - A barrel in the east room that will explode if hit by fire.
  • Powder Box - A box with gunpowder that explodes when damaged. There are two boxes in the palace, each in a room.
  • Volt Chair - A chair in the southeast torture room. Enemies that touch it are "Doused" in electricity.
  • Pendulum - A pendulum with a large blade located in the southeast room.
  • Lumber Saw - A large saw in the southeast room that can leave enemies Dismembered.
  • Floor Pike - Six spikes pop out from the floor, enemies being Impaled by them. There are four sets in the palace, each in a different room.
  • Pillar - A pillar that can be pushed to make Crushed enemies. There are two of them in different rooms.
  • Death Fan - A fan in the ceiling. There is one in the southern room and other in the northwest room.
  • Guillotine - A guillotine. There are two of them, one in the eastern room and other in the northeast room.
  • Boulder - A large rock above the stairs of the eastern room that causes massive damage. It will only fall if powerful traps (like Quake Bomb) are used in the room.
  • Magic Loon - Fully recovers Millennia's health on contact. There are three of them in the palace, one in the east room, one in the west, and one south. Each can be used once per chapter.


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