The Legendary Braves are six warriors that contained the Lord of Darkness 500 years before the events of Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness.

The Legendary BravesEdit


Known descendantsEdit

Known descendants from the Braves of Legend. Shelling has no descendant.

  • Prince of Zemekia - The game's protagonist.
  • Coolbou (Gem Guard) - The first descendant to appear in the Castle of the Damned to stop the Devil's resurrection.
  • Erious (Swordsman) - The second descendant to appear.
  • Alkeny (Cleric) - The third descendant.
  • 5th Amulet Guardian, Neam - Mentioned by Erious when he was reading the genealogy book of the Legendary Braves.
  • 5th Cleric, Mule - Mentioned by Erious when reading the genealogy book.
  • 5th Sword Master, Marsus - Mentioned by Erious when reading the genealogy book. He is Erious' grandfather.
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