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Japanese Name  マルファス
Romaji  Marufasu
Age  Eternal
Hair Color  Red
Eye Color  Black
Class ???
Group ???
Status Deceased
Appearances Trapt


The symbol of destruction born for chaos. Uses Allura's sacrifices to absorb the souls of those filled with hatred and envy. Can then materialize and revive once again.
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Also known as "the Fiend", Malphas (マルファス Marufasu?) serves as the primary antagonist of the game, Trapt.


Malphas appears in two forms, with his first form being a pale human dressed in a black robe, and his demonic form being a red humanoid with spiked red hair and ornate decorations and blades sticking out of his body.


In the pastEdit

Long ago, he was sealed away by powerful sorcerers deep underground.


When Princess Allura was framed for her father's murder, she fled to a mansion that resided above Malphas, and he granted her the power to create and control traps through a tentacle-like accessory around her arm. With each person Allura annihilated with her traps, their souls were offered to Malphas so that he could materialize once again.

In both the evil and possessed endings, Malphas is successful at bringing Allura to his side (possessing her corpse in the possessed ending and using her as a follower in the evil ending), but he is ultimately killed in the good ending, furiously shouting how it is both the end of the world and of his own existence. It is still unclear whether Allura's efforts were enough to kill Malphas, as a demon servant was shown sneaking up on Jais in the good ending.




In demonology, Malphas is a mighty Great Prince of Hell, having forty legions of demons under his command and is second in command under Satan. He builds houses, high towers, and strongholds, throws down the buildings of the enemies, can destroy the enemies' desires or thoughts (and/or make them known to the conjurer) and all that they have done, gives good familiars, and can bring quickly artificers together from all places of the world.

Malphas accepts willingly and kindly any sacrifice offered to him, but then he will deceive the conjurer.[1]


  • Although he shares the same purpose as Draconia from the first Kagero game, it is unknown if the two demons are related or even the same being.


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