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Japanese Name マクロード
Romaji Makurōdo
Hair Color Grey-white
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Soldier
Status Deceased
Appearances Kagero: Deception II
Mercenary and coward. Afraid to oppose or defy the TMD.

McLord (マクロード Makurōdo?) is an enemy from Kagero: Deception II. He is a veteran warrior that only fights against weak opponents. He respects and fears the Timenoids (TMD). Somehow he became a member of the Red Blood, and when he learns that his group is opposing the TMD, he enters the Castle in the Forest to see if there is a TMD inside to warn it of the Red Blood. Instead, he caught Millennia red-handed and attacks her. McLord thought she was weak, but he is killed by her, screaming as he perishes. His scream is heard by his comrades Gerald and Rain, who find Millennia and ask why she killed him. The player has two answer choices: If Millennia says "To kill humans is my mission", they will attempt to kill her. If she says "There was no choice", they will apologize for his acts and leave the castle, but they will fight back if harmed. If they leave, Keith says that he acted on his own and disobeyed orders, so his death should not be avenged.


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Stat Level
HP 100
ATK/S 24
DEF 18
SPD 42


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