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Millennia 406435 sample deception iv the nightmare princess dress kagerou darkside princess koei tecmo maeda hirotaka millennia no bra pantyhose tattoo
Title (DIV) Princess of Deception
Deception Princess
Romaji Mirenia
Age 19 years old (Kagero, Deception IV)
Unknown (Trapt)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown (Kagero, Trapt)
Blue (Deception IV, Musou ☆ Stars)
Occupation "Human Hunter"
??? (Trapt)
Clockwork Princess (Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess)
Status Alive (Ending No. 2, 3)
Immortal (Ending No. 1)
Unknown (Ending No. 4)
Sacrificed (Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess)
Appearances Kagero: Deception II (playable)
Trapt (cameo)
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (playable)
Warriors All-Stars (playable)
Voice Actor Mamiko Noto (Kagero: Deception II)
MiKA (Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess)
Junko Minagawa (Warriors All-Stars)
Heroine of Kagero: Deception II. A girl who had her memories and feelings of guilt taken from her, before she was trained by the Timenoids to become a human hunter.
—Description on The Nightmare Princess website

Millennia (ミレニア Mirenia?) is the protagonist of the second Deception game, Kagero: Deception II. Kidnapped as a child, she became a specimen for the Timenoids' "Marionette Project", in which she is trained to kill humans with traps.

Physical appearanceEdit

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Millennia is around 160-170cm (or 5'3"-5'7") tall. She has short black hair and brown eyes. She wears a short blue dress with tights underneath, and dark gray armor on her collar, arms, and boots. Her dress is backless, revealing a red tattoo of the Timenoids brand.

As a child, she had short brown hair instead of black. On the day she visited the circus, she wore a cream white sweater, a brown belt, brown capris, and brown shoes.

In Ending No. 1, she becomes a Timenoid, gaining blue skin. Later, a black and white picture shows her wearing a short sleeved dress matching the lightness of her skin.

In her Deception IV and Warriors All-Stars appearances, Millennia has blue eyes.


Millennia, similar to the protagonist of the first Deception game, is a silent protagonist whose words are unheard and decisions chosen by the player. Despite this, she has more of an established personality and can be played in a number of different ways at the player's discretion.

Millennia is near-mute and communicates almost entiretly with nods and shakes of her head; when forced to speak, such as by an intruder, she is tacit and blunt, the most common example being "To kill humans is my mission", a phrase she repeats often. Interestingly, many of Millennia's dialogue options imply a fearful, insecure disposition underneath her brainwashing, and should she come to question her loyalty to the Timenoids she will experience a crisis of identity and purpose, showcased both in and outside her game of origin.

Despite this, as well as a result of her aforementioned brainwashing, Millennia can also be extremely cruel. She does not question her orders to exterminate any humans she comes across, even eliminating children should the need arise. Depending on the player's choices, Millennia will either fall further into the dark path the Timenoids set her on for their own purposes, or redeem herself and rediscover her humanity.


In the pastEdit

When she was very young, Millennia went to the circus with her parents. The atmosphere was full of delight and excitement - the perfect place for a child. Millennia joined a crowd to observe a clown juggling, entertained.

Drawn in
Kagero intro - 7
by the obscure clown's performance, she found herself all alone. However, she soon forgot that as the juggling balls formed into an orb of light. The sphere filled her with all sorts of happy thoughts. Although, as she reached for the ball, it flew away into an enormous mansion.

At first, Millennia became sad and began to turn away. Before she could leave, the doors had opened for her, illuminating a gloomy light upon her. Drawn by the symbol that awaited inside, she entered the mansion as the doors closed behind her.

Unable to find the "pleasant Mr. Timenoid", Millennia found herself trapped and alone, and she cried in the corner of the room. After an unknown period of time, she was saved by someone who would become her mother. After her new mother explained that the clown Timenoid and her parents were murdered by humans, Millennia silently accepted her fate.[1]

Kagero: Deception IIEdit

Over the years, Millennia had been raised by her adoptive mother, a Timenoid named Yocal. Yocal trained her to use traps and taught her how terrible the humans were. Fifteen years after her kidnapping, it was time for Millennia to prove her loyalty to the Timenoids. Yocal invited a person named Daar to the Castle in the Forest to test the trap user, and she succeeded in killing the human.

As word of her in the west woods castle got out, other people visited to eliminate her. Millennia was successful in keeping the people out of the castle, whether by killing them or scaring them away.

When unknown individuals mysteriously murdered five Timenoids, King Eclypse went into hiding to protect himself. In the meantime, Millennia was entrusted to watch over the King's Palace until he returns.


She appears as a cameo appearance in one of the side stories. She has a freeze swipe attack, and can activate any traps Allura has set up, no matter how charged up it is.

Deception IV: The Nightmare PrincessEdit

Millennia, dubbed as the Princess of Deception, had been dragged into the Quest Tree after first meeting the leader of the Red Rogues, Keith. Whilst in a troubled state of mind, she is found by Velguirie, who plans to collect her soul in order to resurrect her father. When playing as her, she has the most stamina and health out of any of the other characters, and the power to use traps in rapid succession. However, she can only equip 3 traps at once. One trap per button.[2]

In Q36: Millennia 3, she is forced to fight Velguirie after she realises she is human. She is defeated, and so her soul and body are taken.

In another timeline, in Q82: To the Edge of Deception, she has her wish granted, as her repressed memories and emotions are regained. After a short fight, her Ephemera returns her to her world, back to the castle in the forest.



A mysterious woman. No one knows her name or where she came from, let alone her age.
Chapter 15 Side Story a: The Broken Throne (壊れた椅子?)
Map: Sealed Room
Wave 1
Intruder number 1 and final


Stat Level
Strength 300
Defense 2
Agility 120
Attack 1 108
Attack 2 0
Attack 3 0
Special abilities
Defense against vase traps


Death: "..."

The Nightmare PrincessEdit

A girl who was raised by the immortal Timenoid Yocal, and the first success of the Marionette Project. A killer doll who obeys the Timenoids every command, she was fighting the rebel army's Red Blood's and met their captain, Keith, before awakening in the Dark Side Heaven.
Q018: Millennia 1
Map: Prosslyn Castle
Wave 1
Intruder number 1 and final
Q025: Millennia 2
Map: Prosslyn Castle
Wave 1
Intruder number 1 and final
Q036: Millennia 3
Map: Prosslyn Castle
Wave 1
Intruder number 1 and final


Stat Level
Health 200
Defense 0
Vigilance 2
Attack 1 0
Attack 2 0
Attack 3 0
Attack 4 0
Special abilities
Can use Paralysing Wave.
Q025: Millennia 2
Health increased to 250.

She can also summon traps.

Q036: Millennia 3
Health increased to 400.
Q018: Millennia 1 = Boulder, Floor


Q018: Millennia 1

Intro: "Will you die, too?"
Death: "So pain..."

Q025: Millennia 2

Intro: "I kill in order to live."
Death: "I am not a puppet..."

Q036: Millennia 3

Intro: "I'm human... Human!"
Death: "I... I don't know... Brother..."

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Warriors All-StarsEdit

Millennia - Stars

Millennia as she appears in Warriors All-Stars

Millennia is one of two characters from the Deception series that appears in the Koei Tecmo crossover title Warriors All-Stars, alongside Laegrinna from Deception IV.

The story takes place in an alternate world that relies on a miraculous spring to sustain itself. The King who could control the spring's powers suddenly perished, leaving the world in turmoil. The Queen told her daughter to summon otherworldly heroes to save their land, with Millennia being one of them, but the attempted summoning malfunctioned and left them scattered in different areas. Eventually, other members of this royal family are deemed eligible for the throne, dividing all the heroes into three warring factions.

One of the game's alternate story paths and endings is focused on Laegrinna and Millennia. Laegrinna becomes fed up with the warring, and she and Millennia spring a surprise attack on Tamaki and her brother Shiki in an effort to bring the conflict to a quick end so that they can go home. Just as Laegrinna and Millennia are about to kill them, the siblings are forced to use drastic measures in order to send both back to their own world prematurely, possibly dooming Tamaki and Shiki's world in the process. Both Laegrinna and Millennia awaken together in Laegrinna's home. Millennia realizes that she's not where she's meant to be, but she joins forces with Laegrinna, and the two prepare to murder a hapless intruder.


Kagero: Deception II

Deception IV: Another Princess
Warriors All-Stars



  • Millennia is plural for a millennium, a period equal to a thousand years.


  • If the player gives Millennia the name Astarte (a character from Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness) at the beginning of the game, she will start with additional Ark.
    • Additionally, Ending No. 1 has a demon named Draconia that transforms her into a Timenoid to serve him forever, the message " be continued" appearing, and the last screen showing her with a dress on. Due to this, there is a theory that Millennia is Astarte and Kagero is a prequel to Tecmo's Deception. However, there is no official confirmation that this is true.
  • The following characters have bonus outfits based on Millennia's attire:
    • Ayane in Dead or Alive 2 and Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round
    • Mayu in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut.
    • Laegrinna in Deception IV; her outfit is called the "Deception Costume."
    • Horō in Warriors All-Stars
  • The baby featured in one of the endings may hint that Millennia and Keith possibly had an incestuous relationship, as no other context explained the infant's sudden appearance.
  • In Trapt, as well as on the back of the Deception II English cover, "Millennia" is misspelled as "Millenia."
  • In Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, her title is the "Clockwork Princess." This title is a reference to her relationship with the Timenoids, which are known as "Clockwork Demons" or a "Clockwork Devil."
    • In the Japanese version of the game, as well as Japanese and English version of the Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess website, her title is the "Princess of Deception" (刻命(こくめい)の姫 Kokumei no Hime?).

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