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Rachel nightmare princess
Japanese Name レイチェル
Romaji Reicheru
Title (DIV) Servant of Nightmares (悪夢の侍女 Akumu no Jijo?, Maid of Nighmares)
Age 19
Hair Color Platinum
Eye Color Violet
Brown (DIV Artwork)
Class Handmaid
Servant of Nightmares (The Nightmare Princess)
Group Allura's Handmaid
Dark Side Heaven (The Nightmare Princess)
Status Deceased
Sacrified (The Nightmare Princess)
Appearances Trapt
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (DLC)
Voice Actor Tomoe Hanba


Illegitimate child of King Olaf and a descendant of the Marked. Ignored after Allura's birth and so hates the royal family. Wants to use Allura as a sacrifice to the fiend.

Rachel (レイチェル Reicheru?) is Allura's maid and close friend, and she is responsible for Allura's education and well being.



At the end of the game, it is revealed that she is Allura's older half-sister who desired to summon Malphas to complete her dead mother's plot of revenge against Olaf for abandoning Rachel's mother. Rachel had learned about the power of Malphas from her mother and after acquiring the powers necessary to summon various traps, became a maid of Allura in order to gain Olaf's trust.

In the evil ending, she is murdered by Allura.

In the possessed and good endings, if Allura refuses to fight her she is crushed under falling debris. She is successful in summoning Malphas in the latter endings after she injured Allura with a knife, using Allura's spilled blood to summon Malphas.

She fights using a dagger and can use Allura's own traps against her due to them sharing Malphas' summoning power. The only difference is that Rachel has no accessory on her arm when she uses her powers.

Deception IV: The Nightmare PrincessEdit

A servant and tutor fro the Branded Princess Allura. She craves revenge against King Olaf, Allura's father, and to satisfy her desire, she got close to Allura. She succeeded in trapping Allura, but Allura was taken from Rachel before she could finish her plans. Awaiting Allura's return, Rachel awakens in Dark Side Heaven.

Rachel returns in the Rachel Pack DLC.[1][2][3]



Nightmare PrincessEdit

Intro: "Velguirie? The Nightmare Princess? This is none of your concern. No one can come between me and Lady Allura."
Defeat: "No... Lady Allura..."
  • "I'll do anything to make my dream come true. Even sell my soul to the devil."
  • "I am Rachel. I won't let you have Lady Allura."
  • "Lady Allura's soul belongs to me. I can't let anyone else have her."



Deception IV: Nightmare Princess


  • Her father being human, and her mother being one of the Marked, this would make Rachel an inbred.
    • However, it is also a contradiction. In Kagero: Deception II, the TMD's reason for kidnapping Millennia was to turn a child into their personal killing machine, but since they could not breed amongst themselves, they had to take a human child.
    • Additionally, unlike the TMD's blue blood, Rachel bleeds red. This may be due to being part human.
  • In the Deception Studio, if you equip a female unit with Rachel's attire, the Boulder element is automatically selected as their weakness, crudely referencing Rachel's fate in Trapt.
  • Rachel's Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess model uses the exact same appearance of Allura, even with Allura's headband being black, her hair being grey and eyes being violet.


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