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Victor Logos
Victor Logos
Title War God
Japanese Name ビクトル・ロゴス
Romaji Bikutoru Rogosu
Occupation Legendary Soldier
Affiliation Decroya Special Forces
Status Deceased or Captured
Appearances Deception IV: Blood Ties
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (cameo)
Voice Actor Masakazu Koshima

Victor Logos (ビクトル・ロゴス Bikutoru Rogosu?) is a male enemy in Deception IV: Blood Ties. A descendant of the Saints and has a piece of the Holy Verses.

Despite rumors that he has recently been unwell, Victor had already once passed away. However, he refused to pass away in his sleep, and would rather have his soul destroyed in battle. In exchange for helping her, Freise brought Victor back to life.


A legendary warrior known as the "God of War", there is not a soul in the kingdom who is not familiar with Victor Logos. The story of how he defeated a crowd of master fencers with just his bare hands is only one of the fantastic tales that is told about him. His whereabouts have been unknown for a while now, however, and rumor has it that he is unwell.
Blood Ties description
Chapter 11a or 10b: A Legend Reborn
Map: Ruins of Scardzyini
Wave 3
Intruder number 4 and final

Nightmare PrincessEdit

One of the descendants of the Twelve Saints who sealed the Devil away. After making a name for himself as an undefeated pugilist, he began his rule over the Undying Brigade during the previous emperor's reign. Since then, he continued to win many a battle bare-handed, and came to be feared as the God of War. His only interest is in fighting, and he is constantly in search of a worthy opponent.
Nightmare Princess description
Q060: Nightmare 2
Map: Trapt Academy
Wave 1
Intruder number 2 and final


Stat Level
Health 500
Defense 5
Vigilance 2
Attack 1 40
Attack 2 80
Attack 3 120
Attack 4 0
Special abilities
Earthquake Attacks
Trap Removal
Attacks from Wall
Weakness: Wall, Ceiling


Victor's judgement by Laegrinna: "We cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed. There is something we must do... As such, you must face your judgement... After that, nothing but ruin awaits..."
Intro: "You think you're strong enough for me? Then prove it!"
Death: "This is it... This is the end... Finally I have fulfilled my destiny..."

Nightmare PrincessEdit

Intro: "I've been waiting for you, Devil's Daughter! I hope you don't disappoint me, the great Logos!"
Death: "That was wonderful...Devil's Daughter... That... That was a true battle."


Deception IV: Blood Ties



  • In Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round, Raidou has a downloadable costume for Victor's outfit.
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