Japanese Name ザムール
Romaji Zamūru
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark colored
Occupation Magician
Status Deceased
Appearances Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness
Yurias' servant who has the power to destroy the world.

Zamur (ザムール Zamūru?) is a character from Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness. He is a magician that served King Zemeris, and later Yurias. He is one of the main antagonists.


Near the end of the game, Zamur reveals that he is the one that saved the Prince of Zemekia from the gallows and created Astarte to manipulate him, so he could gather the Legendary Treasures in the Castle of the Damned and revive the Lord of Darkness. After his defeat, Astarte kills Zamur and says that she was only using him.


First EncounterEdit

Yurias' servant who has the power to destroy the world.
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Chapter 12: Ghost
First/Second Encounter
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Name Zamur
Class Magician
LV 39
HP 80
Speed 40
Power 70
Item drop
Trait Magic
6 Agil 7
6 Def. 6
6 Evade% 8
9 Wisdom 8


Encounter: ""
Last Words: "You must hate me, but I'm just a pawn moved about by the King's hand. I know I haven't long to live... Please! Forgive me?! I told you I wasn't as good as Zamur. ... I told you!..."

Musical ThemeEdit

Zamur's theme is "Great Mage, Twilight of the Gods". It is the nineteenth track on the game's soundtrack.


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